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Police teargas diapers rally of the Obedient movement in Ebonyi state

  The Obedient movement  The labour party have captured the attention of many Nigerian youths, and this is because of the condition and the hardship that everybody is suffering from in this our country ( Nigeria ) .  The labour party ( LP ) have presented a candidate who is famous and well know to Nigerians as Peter Obi , the famous and well known presidential candidate have gotten the attention of many people in Nigeria which make some Nigerians have hope in him as the next president to be . The labour party ( LP ) presidential candidate have drown the attention of the Nigerian youths because of his youthful age . Nigerian believe it is time the Nigerian government is to be ruled by a youth which they claim the Nigerian government is ruled by old brain which leads to the problems of this country Nigeria .  Police teargas and disperse Labor party ( LP ) Rally The police on Saturday have chased and disperse the rally of the supporters of the labour party LP presidential candidate in E

The wife of the APC presidential candidate Remi Tinubu promises support for IDPs, others

           Remi Tinubu     The wife of the APC presidential candidate (  Remi Tinubu) said if she becomes the first lady in 2023 she will give voice to the voiceless. She said this in Abuja on Saturday when she visited  Karon-Majigi Ward of Gwarimpa and Yar Goje Community of Abuja Municipal Area Council to meet with widows, people with special needs,Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) She also said that her visit is to help the less privilege , to familiarize and to let them know that she ( Remi Tinubu ) felt for them and she also said that her visit to them was not for campaign but for the above mentioned .     In her words she said said she is there because of the work ahead of them  she said that if she is not familiar with them and know their needs since from now it will be like jumping inside water when u don't know how to swim  . She said that this her visit is just like a familiarization  tour  in to the part of the federal capital city ( Abuja)  with the aim of  Knowing the