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  I have been battling with this question on my mind for sometime now and had hesitated writing about it until my last write-up on "Nigerian π Barter System" when some Pioneers popped that same question in response to the post. They posited that it's not possible to receive or send Pi without KYC, this has necessitate this particular write up and God willing I will try and address it. Haven spoken with a merchant who asked me a question whether I had done my KYC and I said yes I am done and my Pi is in my wallet, to my surprise the merchant said she is still waiting for KYC before she starts accepting Pi after doing some adverts. That was the beginning of conceiving the idea of putting this up to educate fellow Pioneers about the subject. Question is, why would you put up advert claiming to receive Pi in exchange of goods and services if you knew that without KYC you can't transact? This also would be addressed here. Like the case of the merchant I mentioned above, we