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There is one key area Erik Ten Hag is better than Mourinho said Rashford

 In a post match interview after Manchester United home win against David Moyes with the only goal coming from Rashford as his 100 career goal and the only goal to secure Manchester United the three points.  Erik ten Hag has brought energy to Manchester United says  Marcus Rashford.  After the victory of 1:0 against west Ham  Marcus Rashford said he just think the energy it too different  And he will be be happy seeing a continuous Victoria

Erik ten Hag gives Casemiro new nickname

 Eric ten Hag gives Casemiro new nickname as he praise him in this month of October for his impressive performance for Manchester United  Erik ten Hag has recently revealed his new nickname for Manchester United defensive midfielder Casemiro. The 30-year-old star has made 14 appearances for the Red Devils this term, starting the previous five Premier League encounters. After being voted the player of the month Casemiro was given a nick name  “ The cement between the stones.


  I have been battling with this question on my mind for sometime now and had hesitated writing about it until my last write-up on "Nigerian π Barter System" when some Pioneers popped that same question in response to the post. They posited that it's not possible to receive or send Pi without KYC, this has necessitate this particular write up and God willing I will try and address it. Haven spoken with a merchant who asked me a question whether I had done my KYC and I said yes I am done and my Pi is in my wallet, to my surprise the merchant said she is still waiting for KYC before she starts accepting Pi after doing some adverts. That was the beginning of conceiving the idea of putting this up to educate fellow Pioneers about the subject. Question is, why would you put up advert claiming to receive Pi in exchange of goods and services if you knew that without KYC you can't transact? This also would be addressed here. Like the case of the merchant I mentioned above, we

The man who predicted Queen Elizabeth's death had made another prediction

  The man who predicted Queen Elizabeth's death had also made prediction about King Charles III A man has gone viral on Twitter because of his prediction about Queen Elizabeth II, The man predicted Queen Elizabeth's death which it comes true I'm not the fear is that he also made prediction about King Charles III  He went viral after the prediction came true he predicted that Queen Elizabeth will die on the 8 September 2022. He also predicted King Charles III death ,the man claim that the new monarch will die on the 28 of March 2026 He made this tweet on his tweeter handle  @logan_smith526  

I said I like you, I never said I love you Groovy tells Phyna

  Groovy the trending BB Naija housemate has finally opened up to Phyna that he only like her not love. He openly told her that when they leave the house they will get to know each other and he will see her real characters outside the house  Groovy to Phyna; The feeling is I really like you, love is not a feeling, it is a process. Phyna; I rushed to fall in love. Groovy ; I cannot tell you how to feel phyna. Phyna; is now when we come out of the house and we are so busy that you will now come to my face and tell me that you didn’t love me or what you felt for me was not love. Groovy; Me , I will come and tell you that, am not that kind of person, I thought you know.. Phyna: How would I thought and still be in relationship with such person, I asked you you said you have feelings for me not love , there is nothing serious there its rather a situationship Groovy; If I go around calling you my girlfriend am just protecting you and I am telling you now . Phyna: have also been going around c

You are still struggling no any Endorsement uptil now, trolls mocks Beauty!!!!

  Beauty had her first Live video on Instagram. She appreciated her fans and the love they had for her. As expected fans from other fan  base  jump into her comment section mocking her of not having any Endorsement deal since after her disqualification 

I told Phyna to give me before Saturday but before the Saturday ,she is already dating Groovy

  In a recent interview Amaka Mba evicted level up housemate of the BB Naija  Amaka said she told Phyna that she likes groovy , that Phyna should speak on her behalf .  When I told Phyna that I like Groovy Phyna was like he is so cool and like....... But what surprised me so much and what I couldn't understand was that before Saturday Phyna and Groovy were already dating